Metadata Studio for Drive

Set Labels & Custom Metadata to your Drive Files & Folders

Metadata Studio for Drive is a tool that enables users to add custom metadata to the Google Drive Files. Users can easily add labels & custom properties to their files within the Google Drive interface using Metadata Studio Drive Add-on.

It provides options to the Google Drive users to associate metadata like labels & custom metadata fields with their existing Drive files & folders. Users can also search their files by labels & custom fields' values matching the given criteria.

All metadata saved by the users in terms of labels, fields, and their values are stored in a structured way with the user's Drive files.

What Metadata Studio Offers to the Drive users

  • Users can add labels to the Drive files & folders within the user's Drive interface.

  • Users can update & view metadata of Drive items directly within the user's Drive interface.

  • Users can create different types of metadata fields as per the requirements, supported types are Text type, User type, Number value type, Date value type, Switch type, Checkboxes type, Radio button type, Dropdown type & File type.

  • Each Field type is used to store the respective type value. e.g. Text type field stores text value, User types field stores a person value & File type field stores a file reference.

  • Users can reuse metadata fields to any number of files.

  • Users can add/remove fields to/from files at any time.

  • Users can find the files by labels & metadata fields' values based on search criteria.

  • Users can share metadata fields with other users.

  • Users can opt for an option to get email notifications to the file owner when a shared user changes the metadata of the file.

Features of Metadata Studio

Add Labels

Users can add new or associate already added labels to the Drive files & folders within the user's Drive interface.

Metadata Fields

Using the app users can create unlimited fields. These fields & their values can be further associated with the Drive file to becoming the custom properties of that file.


Metadata Fields & Labels are reusable entities. This means, these are created once and can be applied to one or more files or folders.

Quick Search

Users can find files or folders in which the custom properties or labels were defined. The search return results within seconds.

Email Notifications

Users can opt for options to receive email alerts to the file owner when a shared user makes any changes to the metadata of the shared file.

Field Types

App has an ability to store different kinds of data like Text, Person Contact, Number, Date, File Reference as the respective type field's value.

Approved by Google

Metadata Studio for Drive reviewed & approved by the Google security & safety team.

Data Safety

As Metadata Studio stores & process all data or metadata in the user's Google account. It is 100% safe & secure.

Quick Support

We provide Quick & Reliable support whenever there is any help required at the customer's side.


Frequently Asked Questions

Where Metadata Studio stores file's metadata?

Metadata Studio stores all data & metadata in the user's Drive. All data stays in the user's Google Account.

How Metadata Studio is safe for my data?

As Metadata Studio process & stores all data & metadata in the user's Google account and It never goes to our systems. We can say it is 100% safe & secure.

What permissions are required to use Metadata Studio for Drive?

To operate Metadata Studio for Drive, the Add-on needs the below-listed permissions from the Google user.

Google Drive

  • View and manage metadata of files in your Google Drive

This scope is required to add custom metadata set by the user to the selected Drive item.

  • See and download all your Google Drive files

This scope is required to read field information file content if the field is shared by another user.

  • View and manage Google Drive files and folders that you have opened or created with this app

This scope is required to create metadata field information files & folders in the user's Drive. In which the add-on stores the field information content like field title, field type & field related data.

Google Contacts

  • See and download your contacts

This scope is required to display the list of users from the contacts list so that the user can choose a Person from the list as a value for User type Field, for example, "Assign To" Field.

  • See and download contact info automatically saved in your "Other contacts"

This scope is required to display the list of other contacts users merged with the user's list mentioned in the above scope.

Basic account info

  • View your email address

This scope is required to get the user's email address that is needed to identify the current user.

  • Associate you with your personal info on Google

This scope is required to get and associate the user with personal info like the user's email address.

Additional access

  • View basic data about the Google Drive folders or files you select

This scope is required to get basic details like the file name of the selected file & is the least scope required for Drive Add-on to run inside the Drive interface.

  • Send email as you

This scope is required to send an email notification to the owner of the file if any shared user modifies the file metadata. We have added an email notification option, if the user chooses this option, the owner would get an email once the metadata on the file is modified.

  • View your country, language, and timezone

This scope is required to get the user's timezone in which the date would be displayed.

  • View and manage data associated with the application

This scope is required to store the application & user preferences data in the application storage.